William (BJ) Ewing

William (BJ) Ewing

Project Manager

William (BJ) Ewing participates as a team leader and member of the project team.  Mr. Ewing is a graduate of California Lutheran University with a degree in Communication Arts with an emphasis in Business Administration.  While attending the University, Mr. Ewing was a Student Senate Representative, served as Editor of the University newspaper and held office in several college organizations. 

Over the past twenty-three years with the Company, Mr. Ewing has been involved with over 125 of our clients in classification and compensation studies.  He has provided management training services and has become the firm's coordinator of ADA services.

BJ has performed over 100 salary and benefit surveys and is widely regarded for his knowledge of point factor systems, also known as EFS.

Mr. Ewing also serves as project director for numerous projects.  His responsibilities include communication with clients, delegation of assignments to support staff and oversight to assure quality of work.  He has established outstanding working relationships with our clients.  He conducts orientations and employee interviews during client studies.