California Education

The Company has performed hundreds of studies for local school districts (K-12) for ok 200 districts. Our client list includes 17 of the largest 20 districts in the State of California. In some cases, ECI needs to compete through an RFP process, however typically clients have contacted the firm directly and presented a contract without competition based on our more than 30 years of experience in the field. 

The California county offices of education have sought assistance from ECI for classification and compensation studies and have referred several local districts to the firm. Our has over 30 county offices of education as clients.

Another large segment of the education market is the community college system which includes 73 separate districts. ECI has about 50 of these districts as clients.

National Education

Though the Company has not attempted to market to schools on a national basis, some prominent school districts have engaged ECI to perform specialized services such as job evaluation plan design and HR audits. The State of Kentucky Department of Education hired the firm to perform an organization study to implement the Kentucky Education Reform Act and to provide a classification design project for all the local districts in the State.


Cities, Counties and Public Sector

ECI is known throughout the State of Washington primarily in the public sector industry. Most of the Company’s 30 city clients are in the State of Washington with the remainder in California. The firm’s reputation in the cities and county governments served would carry well into the broader marketplace. 

Native American Tribes and Casinos

ECI has performed a number of classification and compensation studies for Indian tribes and their casinos in California, Washington, Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico. Current clients, such as the Morongos and the Tulalips are well-known but represent a handful of the 50+ casinos in the State of California alone and hundreds of casinos nationally. The Company also performs HR and organization studies for the tribal governments and other ventures of the tribes.

Private Sector

Mr. Ewing has considerable experience in the private sector and the firm has performed compensation, organization, incentive plan design and other types of HR studies for national and international prominent private sector firms. While the types of services provided by ECI include the private sector, there has not been an attempt to focus on any particular industry. ECI has served aerospace firms such as Northrop, Lockheed and Hughes as well as other firms including Architectural Digest magazine and Warner Bros.