Classification and Compensation

ECI provides full scale classification and salary studies for all employee and management groups in addition to studying the classification impacts of reorganization.

Salary Surveys

We objectively select our client’s survey participants and make individual contact to each participant to assure proper matches for benchmark classifications.

Organization Planning

ECI's well-refined process of a “strategy-based approach” to an organization study includes an extensive review of the client’s current structure and introduction of new strategic management concept plans, theories and models.


ECI offers a popular two-day program on classification and compensation. On-site training and development programs are also available.

Job Evaluation

Mr. Ewing developed his own proprietary "point factor" system of job evaluation which has become an effective and highly sought after tool for clients who want their salaries to reflect both market and internal equity.

Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Our consultants are experts in evaluating clients’ current and future needs with respect to specific human resource policies.

Performance-Based Incentive Plans

While the education sector is still catching up with this concept, ECI has performed extensive studies for districts interested in how to design performance - based incentive plans.

Human Resource Audits

ECI has been selected to perform reviews of HR departments in school districts, community colleges and cities across the country.